Garden Tours – Self-Guided or on Busses

We sent a survey to all Region 2 members of the Daylily Society to see how many people would prefer to use their own vehicle to tour the gardens at this event. The response was almost entirely in-favor of self-guided tours instead of the familiar charter bus version.

Our plan changed accordingly, and your registration to this event does not include a bus ticket.

If you would prefer to ride the bus, you’ll need to purchase the bus ticket when you register for this event. Each ticket will be $50. You will not be able to ride the bus without a ticket.

Depending on availability, we will sell any remaining tickets at the door for $65 each.

How will I know where to go?

When you check in at the meeting, you will receive a map and written directions to get to each of the gardens. You will also receive a suggested route, which is an attempt to spread out the traffic at each of the gardens.

Your tour includes a boxed lunch at Washington Park Botanical Garden in Springfield, where CIDS has a display bed of daylilies.