Tour Gardens

Oak Hill Garden – Bonnie Nichols – Athens, IL

Bonnie enjoys working with her spacious garden. Working in the flowers and enjoying nature puts a smile on her face.

Sandy Gabriel – Rochester, IL

Sandy enjoys nature and her animals. She has fun art pieces in her garden giving it a personality

Front Porch Daylilies – Lori Doolin – Winchester, IL

Visit the Doolin Garden as part of the Region 2 Summer Meeting 2021

Lori enjoys working with her plants and seeing what new flowers open each day.

Sandy and Don Shull – Middletown, IL

Sandy and Don moved to this 4 1/2 acre property in 1998, and turned the blank canvas into a beautiful landscape. (If you’ve ever used a Daylily Divider tool, they were made in the workshop on this property.)

Washington Park Botanical Garden – Springfield, IL

See more than 1,800 species of beautiful plants, along with other various horticultural charms:  a cactus garden, perennial border, peony collection, rose garden, shade garden and Roman Cultural Garden.

*Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon